Caring For Our Feathered Friends


Parrot Chatter

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Chat here about anything and everything parrot related. Why not let your parrot introduce themeselve's, but from their perspective!



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Are you worried about your feathered friend's health? Why not ask if anyone else has encoutered the same problem.


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Hear about others cages and aviaries and ask any housing relate questions.

Food And Diet

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Ask about all the foods that can be fed and how best to feed them.

Feathers And Grooming

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Does your bird pluck or are you worried about their feathers? Post here and get some advice from others that have had a similar experience.


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Are you having trouble with your bird? Post in here and get advice from others who have gone through the same thing.

Parrot Entertainment

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Post up your ideas for keeping your feathered friends amused.

Breeding And Babies

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Are you a breeder or are you looking for a baby bird? Post here and someone will help you.

Parrot Breeders

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A forum for Breeders to tell us a little about themselves and their set up

Pet Shops

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Have you visited any good pet shops either online or in person?


Advertise your for sale items and post your links to Ebay, Pre-Loved etc when you spot a bargain

In Memory

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If your companion has fallen asleep for the last time post here so that they'll never be forgotten.


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If you have had to make the sad decision to part with your feathered friend or you know a bird looking for a good home post in here.

News and Information on Parrot Sanctuaries and Rescue centres.

Can you offer or maybe seek boarding for your birds while on holiday.


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A place to discuss all different aspects of training your parrots